Todays Lesson – Wed 140723

Incosistent Wednesday seems fit for today,,
Curious about this day? Let’s check this one out 😉

Last night after work I go to dinner in a restaurant with my friends. It was magrib, so we took a magrib prayer. Before that I went to toilet. There I put my eye glasses. Unfortunately I forgot to take it untill we finished our dinner. When we were going to pay, I realized I didn’t wear my eye glasses. I was looking for it trace, from our table, toilet, also prayer room. But there’s nothing. I even ask for help from the staffs. But it was nothing. Oh my eye glasses ~ we’ve been being together for the past 2 years though. Hiks,,
But. Suddenly. At night 10pm. A staff from the restaurant texted me, said that he found my eye glasses and also asked for mu address because he want to bring it back to me. At this late night? Hoho,, no thanks. I suggested that I will take it tomorrow at the restaurant. But he, again, asked for my address. I insisted that I’m going to take it tomorrow at restaurant. He agreed, but told me to come straught for him there, do not ask the other staffs. I just said thank you. At midnight he texted me again. Another text came at morning. I started to feel incomfort.
At 4pm I went to the restaurant, but not alone. I came with my friend, after discussing about the text that staff sent. We arrived there and decided to ask the receptionist first. We asked about my eye glasses that found by a staff. They got no idea at first, but after I said the name of the staff who contacted me, they started, “aaahh,, that person”, with a kind of expression. That staff suddenly appeared and was looked fluster. Then he handed me my eye glasses by saying that a customer took my eye glasses home and brought it back by this day (wednesday).
Whooppss,, kind of incompatible story..
Buuuttt,,, stay khusnudzon,, insya Allah he just split his words unintentionally,,


Todays Lesson – Tues 140722

Uwaahhhh,, long time since my last post. Wondering how many cobwebs here. Okay, now I’m going to post something, finally.
First of all let me tell you about the setting. Today is the 25th day of Ramadhan. I’m at Cirebon City.

End if Month period for banking activity is kind of hectic. EOM. Moreover, this end of month coinciding with Idul Fitri holiday, so EOM come faster dude. Okay, so there’s few things I have to do, in this hectic EOM. When I arrived at morning, somehow I feel blank. Don’tknow what to do. Whoooppsss.. this is bad.
FYI, I’m a type of oerson that has to combine kinesthetic, visual, and also auditory method. Complicated, oke, hahaa..
So thank’s Allah, suddenly I got an idea to write down things I have to do. Fifteen in total. Thank’s Allah, by now -3pm- I’ve done 10 of them. Five to go. Fightiiinngggg!!

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Today’s Lesson – Thur 121011

Posting more than a day’s journal in a day, hehe…

Check This one out 😉



This is my 4th days being involved in a training for Character Educator. Today we’re do a practice how to deliver character pillars in class. We do it in group of 9 person and I was the 7th person to go. We had to watch how’s other person do their part and give a comment, if you have any.

Character pillars isn’t something new for me. That’s exactly one of the topic we learned in college. Unfortunately, mostly people here don’t that familiar with that concept. After the first person had done her performance, I gave some critic and suggestion. Also for the second. But suddenly I thought it’d be better if I’m not being ostentatious. The other must feel burdened, even bothered with my opinion if I keep doing like this. After realizing that, I just watch, observe, and note the point for me. I only say my opinion if there’s no one who want to speak up to defrost the situation. Hopefully that was the right attitude 🙂



When I go back from Indonesia Heritage Foundation’s Character School, I always use Commuter Line train. My route is University of Indonesia (UI) Station to Bogor Station. Unexpectedly, I met my friend in the train. She is one of the student from my Senior High School who grabbed a chance to study in USA for a year. She’s now taking a professional course of pharmacy in UI.

She’s type of person who talk, same as me. When we met, we talk about our current activities. As the time goes by, I started to reduce my words. She has a lot of experiences I can dig up, also she want to share with me without I asked for. Why do I have to persist to talk if I can get more if I listen well?

Today’s Lesson – Wed (121010)

Today’s lessons are….


I came to a presentation from a university in South Korea, name Chonnam University in IPB’s rectorate building. I was so interested because I think it’s Cheongnam University. The name is a bit close similar, but it’s different. Moreover, they don’t have the major I want for my master degree.

Actually I’ve read and listen that the presentation is from Chonnam Univ, but I just think that IPB’s International Collaboration Office had spell it wrongly. But it turned out that I am the one who mistook it. I am so interested in Korea Government Scholarship Program, and Cheongnam University is in my university list who has master degree majoring in consumer field. It doesn’t mean that attended the presentation from Chonnam Univ gave me nothing. Big NO. I’ve got a new experience, also something new to learn:

  1. 5 years being IPB student and already graduated 3 months ago, I still have no idea about Senat Room in our rectorate building. Because of this event, I’m able to know that it was in 6th floor. I also got to know how’s the inside.
  2. I became more confident to speak English, but unfortunately my Korean ability still need a lot of improvement.
  3. I was able to met a friend from Korean Class, named Hany, and exchange phone number with her.
  4. I got information about Chonnam Univ. About the scholarship, exchange program, and summer course.

Maybe that’s one of the reason why I took it wrongly. Other reason probability it because my ego still want to jump that high. Started from now, I’ll reduce my egocentrism and take every information clearly and objectively. Need help 🙂



As I went to IPB campus, it a must for me to meet my friends, aspecially Anita and Agus. They work for our lecturers, along with Nora and Nyuy. We had a lunch and met again when their working time is done. I got some information about campus condition, and like usual I always ask Agus about abroad scholarship. Agus always answer my question as nice as I expected.

When we had a chat, that time I feel like how easy can we do this everytime when we still a student. Now, for the moment like that, we have to spent a special time with special budget, not like before.



At the evening, about 3pm, I came to IPB’s Language Center to meet Jang seonsaengnim. Actually I want to ask about study in Korea, but since I came without making a list of question, so it came out not that maximum. Mostly we talk about how’s the class now. About my job that make me not able to participate in Korean 1B class, and things like that. As the result, we decided to communicate via message or facebook. Even it’s not get the maximum result, at least I’m happy to meet Jang seonsaengnim 🙂

어랜만이에요 (Long Time No See)

It’s been a while – maybe a bit longer than a while – since my last post.

From now on, I’ll post frequently, so please stay tune on


Fruit Salad with Strawberry Dressing

I really likes the fruit salad in “P” restaurant so much, so I decided to make one. I’ve never sure with what was I do, so I didn’t put a high expectation on this cooking time.


After googling, I got a recipe of salad dressing which I like. Unfortunately, when I went to the mart, the ingredients I needed isn’t that complete. So I just went with my feeling, at least. I bought melon, strawberries, apples, jelly powder, yoghurt, honey, and lime juice. That night, my mom’s kitchen was being the witness of my SALAD EXPERIMENT, haha…


For me, the most important step in on the dressing. I was going to make strawberry dressing, so I put the yoghurt, strawberries, honey, and lime juice into the blender. With the fruits and jelly which I’ve prepared before, the last step was just to arrange the fruits and jelly in the dish then pour the dressing on that. This is it!! Tadaaaa…….


Fruit Salad

My Fruit Salad with Strawberry Dressing


My evaluation about this salad:

  1. The yoghurt shouldn’t be the liquid one, but better to use the cream so the texture can be more interesting.
  2. Because of the dressing might be sort of acidic due to the yoghurt, use the proper amount of sugar when make the jelly so the sweet taste can balance the acidity.
  3. Use different color of fruit can make the salad have a good appearance.


I’ll make the better one next time 😀


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Je Ireumeun JangMi-imnida

“My name is JangMi” – that’s how it’s translated. I earned that name from JooYoung eonni and EumJeong eonni, the students of Seoul Women’s University. To know the story, check the previous post 😉


#Presently, my posts mostly talk about Korea. Hmm…#


“JangMi” means “rose”, or “mawar” in bahasa. I don’t know why they gave that name to me, perhaps my beauty can be compared with a flower like rose? Hahaha… But all in all, jeongmal gomawoyo eonnideul 😀



JangMi wrote in Hangeul (Korean letter)

Previously, I was thinking they’d named me SaeByeok because I told them that my name – Dini – in Bahasa means early, according to the time I was born in dawn or early morning. That’s why I anticipated the Saebyeok name, because as long as I know Saebyeok in Korean means dawn. But I think they’re considering the better name for me. JangMi. Heard so nice 😀


Gamsahamnida, to gave me such a beautiful name 😀


Annyeong haseyo, je ireumeun JangMi-imnida. Manna bangapseumnida…

*Hi, my name is JangMi. Nice to meet you J


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