Todays Lesson – Wed 140723

Incosistent Wednesday seems fit for today,,
Curious about this day? Let’s check this one out 😉

Last night after work I go to dinner in a restaurant with my friends. It was magrib, so we took a magrib prayer. Before that I went to toilet. There I put my eye glasses. Unfortunately I forgot to take it untill we finished our dinner. When we were going to pay, I realized I didn’t wear my eye glasses. I was looking for it trace, from our table, toilet, also prayer room. But there’s nothing. I even ask for help from the staffs. But it was nothing. Oh my eye glasses ~ we’ve been being together for the past 2 years though. Hiks,,
But. Suddenly. At night 10pm. A staff from the restaurant texted me, said that he found my eye glasses and also asked for mu address because he want to bring it back to me. At this late night? Hoho,, no thanks. I suggested that I will take it tomorrow at the restaurant. But he, again, asked for my address. I insisted that I’m going to take it tomorrow at restaurant. He agreed, but told me to come straught for him there, do not ask the other staffs. I just said thank you. At midnight he texted me again. Another text came at morning. I started to feel incomfort.
At 4pm I went to the restaurant, but not alone. I came with my friend, after discussing about the text that staff sent. We arrived there and decided to ask the receptionist first. We asked about my eye glasses that found by a staff. They got no idea at first, but after I said the name of the staff who contacted me, they started, “aaahh,, that person”, with a kind of expression. That staff suddenly appeared and was looked fluster. Then he handed me my eye glasses by saying that a customer took my eye glasses home and brought it back by this day (wednesday).
Whooppss,, kind of incompatible story..
Buuuttt,,, stay khusnudzon,, insya Allah he just split his words unintentionally,,


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